Wallops are Rhino-like humanoids who mainly inhabit Terra Wallop.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wallops strongly resemble the rhinos of Earth, with small horns above their noses and rough skin. They have large pointed ears which lay back when they are sad or scared. They are not believed to be a very intelligent race (Junko being an example of higher-than-usual intelligence,) but instead are known for their brute strength. Wallops are very tall, easily taller than humans of their age, and are extremely muscular and bulky.


Wallops are dim yet strong, and fit into the cliche of being easily confused, and therefore angered. Most Wallops (shown in a flashback to Junko's childhood) are seen as bullies who pick on those not as strong as them. Wallops are probably ill-educated, maybe even illiterate (as Junko is barely able to read himself, often seen with a book upside-down). However, there seem to be educated Wallops, who occupy jobs such as dentistry (though Wallop dentists are notably different than human ones). Wallops tend to be very wary of outsiders.


Strength is of the utmost importance to the Wallop race, so much so that those of their race that are smarter or weaker are often singled out. Raising one's hands palms forwards is seen as a challenge, and the winner of the fight gains the status of the loser. Members of B.A.R.F. (Brotherhood of Atmosian high-Risk Fuel workers) are looked up to by others, as they are seen to be the bravest and strongest Wallops. Cultural clothing includes traditional Wallopian greeting attire (also seen as fighting attire), which usually consists of lederhosen, a ginham sash, a fez style hat and a small satchel.

Notable WallopsEdit

  • Junko
  • The dentist on Terra Wallop
  • Tynki (Junko's nephew twice removed)
  • Chief Thragg
  • The lady Wallop on Terra Wallop