Velocity Crystal
Crystal Information
PurposeSpeed Boost

A Velocity Crystal is a one-use crystal that gives any vehicle a large speed boost for a limited amount of time. Once activated, a velocity crystal gives a boost that cannot be stopped or slowed in any way. Velocity Crystals are prized for their useful qualities, and are always in high demand. Velocity Crystals are the common equivalent of the Nitro Crystal.[1][2]

A Velocity Crystal Amulet is given every year as a prize to the winner of the Great Atmos Race held on Terra Saharr.[1] The Amulet contained one crystal as a centerpiece, with a large circlet of golden metal making up the rest of the jewelery. However, the Amulet was destroyed by Aerrow and its pieces divided between the various Sky Knight Squadrons.[1]


Velocity Crystals are a bright cyan color, and have large flat sides. Any sides in shadow are a darker royal blue color with areas of purple mixed into their coloration. A Velocity Crystal will pulse with a bright light, and when activated glow very brightly.