A map of the Black Gorge. Top-left is where sunlight is occasionally able to shine.

The Black Gorge is a dark underground chasm host to several dangerous species of creatures, including metal-eating Vulcabats, Living Tar, Meat-Eating Plants, Snapping Eels and the giant poison-tooth Spiny Gorge Sloth. The area is completely dark except for one spot that receives sunlight for only a few seconds once a year, and is notable for having a natural energy field that absorbs crystal energy.

The Black Gorge is featured prominently in episode 7, where the Storm Hawks fall into it after the crystal energy powering the Condor is drained from flying too close above. They are able to escape by fueling the Condor with a Solaris Crystal powered up by the rare amount of sunlight that reaches inside the Gorge.

Only one other person was able to escape the Gorge, and he made a map of the area so that anyone else ever trapped inside would have a better chance to escape. However he fought 'Gorge Madness' while making the map, so it is likely there is information missing on the map, such as pathways that could be considered shortcuts; Junko's 'pet' in the episode, Mr. Cheepers, constantly uses shortcuts that don't appear on the map, much to the annoyance of Stork.