Terra Vapos
Terra Information
Aligned underFree Atmos
Defended byUnknown
Distinguishing featuresThe Palace

Terra Vapos is an ancient and mysterious terra (presumably a very large one), believed by many to be a myth. Stories tell of cities paved in marble and gold and a wealthy and prosperous people, but the terra has been under siege for years by hordes of ravaging Verrocs, let loose from their underground dwelling by a terrible earthquake that split open the land. Vaposian prophecy foretells the coming of the Domo: a long lost hero that will come from the clouds, vanquish the Verrocs, and bring peace and prosperity to the terra once again.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • King For a Day: Upon crash-landing on a mysterious Terra, the Storm Hawks are captured by inhabitants of Terra Vapos. However, instead of being thrown in jail, they discover that Finn is actually the Domo of Vaposian prophecy. Finn, delighted by this, accepts the position and even bravely offers to fight off the hordes of Verrocs that attack the city nightly. However, after he leaves despite King Agar's objections of feasting first, Piper discovers that the prophecy isn't for Finn to defeat the Verrocs as they were led to believe, but to be eaten by them. Finn, once in the crevice, confronts the Head Verroc, and is, indeed, swallowed. However, his antics get him back out of its stomach and, with Aerrow's help, the two escape, bringing down a rock-slide that traps the Verrocs underground again, finally fulfilling Terra Vapos' prophecy, with one slight difference.
  • Calling All Domos: When Junko has to be taken to the dentist, Finn and Stork are left aboard the ship. Swiftly, a Vapos message bird arrives to inform them that the Terra is once again in peril. After a little bit of convincing, the two set off for Vapos. Upon arriving, King Agar asks them to retrieve the Serpegrie, a special crystal that maintains their very existence. Finn agrees, and he and Stork set off to get the crystal from the Murk Raiders, who have it. Through a few misadventures, the two Storm Hawks disguise themselves as Murk Raiders, and eventually manage to steal back the crystal, rejuvenating the Terra just as the Murk Raiders attack. King Agar, however, happily pays the pirates off for the Serpegris. Finn, in distress, asks why. Apparently, nothing can ever actually leave Vapos, as the fortune that the Murk Raiders take with them disappears once they've left.