Terra Klockstoppia
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Distinguishing features*Previously banned use of crystals

Terra Klockstoppia is a terra that was completely isolated from the rest of the Atmos. In a similarly isolationist fashion, the monarchy of the terra at some point in the past placed a ban on crystals, a ban so old, not even the Regent remembered why it was placed. Following the ascendancy of the most recent monarch of Klockstoppia, the former-princess Peregrine repealed the ban on crystals, and is believed to have initiated numerous other reforms as well, such as making the Regent perform mundane tasks, such as judging a paint-drying competition and giving chickens fancy names.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Terra Klockstoppia was only shown in the episode "Royal Twist". Since their kingdom is defenseless, Cyclonis targets the terra and sends Night Crawlers to steal their hidden crystals. At the end of the episode, the Night Crawlers are defeated and the Princess lifts the ban on crystals.[1]