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Terra Cyclonia
Terra Information
Aligned underCyclonia
Defended byCyclonian Talons
ClimateModerate West Coast
Distinguishing featuresSurrounded by storms
Cyclonis' tower

Terra Cyclonia is the largest Terra in the known Atmos, and also rules over the largest number of other terras. It is used by Master Cyclonis as the base for her scheming, and as such, has become the capital of her empire. Terra Cyclonia also boasts the largest army in the known Atmos, made up of a number of commanders issuing commands over Talon soldiers. The Cyclonian commanders are themselves lead by the Dark Ace, Ravess and Snipe. The Terra itself is generally referred to as just "Cyclonia", without the Terra prefix, and will be referred to here as such.

Notable EventsEdit

In Episode 27, Cyclonia is the host of 'Ultimate Warrior Championships'. At the end of the episode, it's mentioned that Cyclonia also hosts resort vacations.

In Episode 51, Cyclonia is outfitted with Far-Side technology, which enables it to hover and move throughout the Atmos.

Cyclonia is destroyed at the end of Episode 52, when Finn and Junko shoot out the levitation pontoons keeping the Terra afloat. However their attack was successful only because the Seed shielding the pontoons had been destroyed shortly beforehand when the Dark Ace exploded from an overload of Binding energy.

Featured EpisodesEdit

Cyclonia is either mentioned or featured in almost all the episodes since it is a large part of the Storm Hawks plot.


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