Terra Blizzaris
Terra Information
Aligned underFree Atmos
Defended byAbsolute Zeros
ClimateUnstable Tundra
Distinguishing featuresFrozen Volcano

Formerly a barren desert, Terra Blizzaris was transformed by the Absolute Zeros into a snowy paradise through the use of a Blizzard Crystal. The terra was used as a holiday retreat by the Raptors when deserted and dry. Blizzaris also notable for its' range of unusual inhabitants, which differs from many of the other terras. It also boasts a large active volcano activated by the Raptor squadron with the use of crystals.




Terra Blizzaris has two main inhabitants that are both extremely unusual in the world of Atmos. The first is the Blizzarians, a race of intelligent digigrade-legged mammals that live in cold areas of the Atmos.

The Terra is also home to a rare of small furred animals referred to only as "Leapers". These are dark brown animals that move by leaping along the ground, as they do not have legs. They are ill-suited to cold weather, and turn a pale blue colour if exposed to this. Their fur has many areas of dark and light in rings, and they have large ears, used in the hot weather they are adapted to to increase heat loss. Their young are smaller imitations of adults, which reach a total height of about 30cm. Leapers seem to be delicious to Raptors as Hoark licked his lips when he saw a few of them leaping around in Fire and Ice.

It was devastated by an eruption brought on by a volcano enhanced with crystals.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • The episode Fire and Ice has so far been the only episode to feature Terra Blizzaris, however the Blizzarians themselves have featured in many more episodes as extra characters. During this episode the Terra is featured as the temporary home for the Blizzarians as a winter wonderland until the Raptors arrive and heat things up with an exploding volcano.[1]