Talon Switchblades are the premier vehicle of the Cyclonian war machine.


Talon SwitchbladeEdit

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The standard Talon Switchblade was designed with the goal of total combat superiority, all other considerations second. As a result, the aircraft suffers poor maneuverability and the worst fuel economy for a skimmer in the Atmos; however, it is undeniably the top air superiority fighter available. The Talon Switchblade boasts unmatched armor, speed, firepower and stability. The reinforced structure of the Switchblade can withstand all but the most serious of high-speed collisions; the skimmer is practically a flying battering ram.[1]

Talon Switchblade EliteEdit

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An upgraded variant of the standard, the Talon Switchblade Elite features greater armament, hardier construction, and an increased power-plant. While the Elite suffers a lessened maneuverability, it outclasses its opponents in all other ways; specifically designed as a counter the the Air Skimmer III Ultra, the Switchblade Elite has superior firepower, armor, and speed. At current, however, the Switchblade Elite has not seen mass production, much to the relief of its opponents.