Slip-Wing Fighter Ultra

The Slip-Wing Fighter Ultra is the fast, light vehicle of Sky Knight Starling of the Interceptors. It has been highly customised to make it one of the fastest vehicles to fly, without lowering it's performance. Starling has dubbed it Red Streak as a name, thereby showing her affection for the vehicle. This Slip-Wing is purple and gold in coloration, with large numbers of scratch marks across it's paintwork.

Featured EpisodesEdit

The Slip Wing has been seen in two episodes:

  • Absolute Power, where Starling uses the Slip-Wing to help defeat the Raptors on Terra Bogaton and rescue a band of peaceful scientists. The Slip-Wing is seemingly left on Terra Bogaton as Starling takes Repton's Bone Wing at the end of the episode, so it must be assumed that she returns for it later.
  • The Storm Hawks Seven, where Starling enlists the help of the Storm Hawks to destroy Ravess' powerful sonic cannon at Polaris Point. Starling uses the Slip-Wing when she watches the Storm Hawks train, from the Condor, then participates on the vehicle at the end of the episode in their unique training.