The Skyside Shanty

The Skyside Shanty is a bar and a place where sailors and fishermen hang around or fuel up their ships.[1][2] The Sky Side Shanty was first seen in the episode "The Leviathan " and again in a short scene in the episode "Sky's End ". It is famous for their signature sauce, known by the name "Extra-Potent Quadruple-Malt Vinegar". And when paired with their signature dish, the Skyside Combo Platter, which is made by combining all sorts of food and deep-frying all of them in a big dish, it makes everything tasty. The Skyside Shanty, aside from being a restaurant, also has a bar where Tritonn, leader of legendary squadron the Neck Deeps, used to frequent after the demise of his brother Horace and several other members of his team during a failed attack on a giant terra-lookalike monster called the Leviathan.