Storm Hawks
Storm Hawks


The Safety Buggy (also known as the Storkmobile) is a one-seater vehicle piloted by Stork. It is said to be one of the safest modes of transport in Atmos.

It was first used in "Forbidden City". Although at first its manoeuvres went out of control, most of the safety features worked as intended, even using the ejector seat as a defensive measure against Snipe.


Like all other skimmers, the safety buggy can be operated both on land and in flight mode.

The steel frame which completes the top part of the buggy's haul is equipped with reinforced roll arms and 5-point safety harnesses. Other features in the buggy includes:

  • Balance booster rockets
  • Booby trap detectors
  • Indestructible tires
  • Parachutes
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • 52 independent external air bags
  • Ejector seat