Red Eagles
Squadron Information
LeaderCarver (formerly)
Terra/ShipTerra Atmosia
OccupationSky Knights
MembersCarver (formerly)

The Red Eagles are widely considered to be the best Sky Knight squadron in the entire Atmos, and have legions of admiring fans hanging on their every word and deed.

Description Edit

Led by the famed Sky Knight Carver, the Red Eagles are charged with protecting Terra Atmosia. The Terra is the bureaucratic centre of the free Atmos, as well as the home of the influential Sky Knight Council, and the powerful Aurora Stone.

Much like the Original Storm Hawks, the Red Eagles were ultimately betrayed, this time by their own leader. They were simply frozen rather than killed however, and some continue to remain active after Carver's defeat and imprisonment. It is unknown who replaced Carver as leader of the Red Eagles, or if they have gained a new member since.

The remaining Red Eagles later performed the perilous task of travelling to Cyclonia and recovering the Aurora Stone shards from Cyclonis's throne room. They succeeded, and the shards were placed back in their rightful place within the tower of Terra Atmosia. When news of this mission reached Aerrow, he was told that getting the shards back was "no small feat".

The Red Eagles were last seen taking part in the battle against Cyclonia's fleet. It is unknown if they were one of the Sky Knight squadrons who were later captured after the direct assault on Cyclonia.