Rebel Ducks
Squadron Information
Terra/ShipTerra Gale
OccupationSky Knights

The Rebel Ducks are the Sky Knight Squadron of Terra Gale. They were defeated by the Cyclonians and scattered, with some of their members incarcerated for a short time. Forced to work in a large factory that polluted the once clear skies of their home terra.

Description Edit

The squadron reformed after the Storm Hawks assisted in freeing their leader and two of his squad mates, who went on to rescue the other Cyclonian prisoners and overrun the factory.

The Rebel Ducks were briefly seen in the episode "Velocity", preparing their ride for the Terra Saharr race. They later participated in the counterattack that repelled the Dark Ace and his invading Cyclonians. They later attacked the Storm Hawks when they were tricked into believing they had stolen the valuable Cheese Stone of Terra Gale, an object that is responsible for much of their wealth. They are shown to fight with energy staffs, powered by green crystals, which are also capable of firing green bolts of energy.

Dove and her grandfather appear to be honorary members, and often assist the Rebel Ducks with political or important matters. It's also implied that the Rebel Ducks are related to Dove, as she refers to them as her "family". This makes it likely that they are her brothers, explaining Dove and Wren's unusual roles in the squadron.

The Rebel Ducks took part in the initial assault against Cyclonia's forces, but were forced to retreat along with the rest of the Sky Knights. They were imprisoned by Master Cyclonis inside a large crystal along with their allies, and their Terra was destroyed. The Rebel Ducks were later freed by Aerrow and Piper and took part in the destruction of Tera Cyclonia.