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Ravess is an uptight, perfectionist, prone to fits of rage if her orders are not adhered to precisely. She is a skilled flyer, a champion archer much like Finn, and a wicked violinist. Presiding over the conquered terra of Bluster, Ravess sends chills through the hearts of all who enter her airspace. Ravess is the older sister of Snipe.


Ravess tends to try to make everything beautiful, one example is shown by the fact that she always brings a soldier under her command and makes him play her theme music on a violin in midair as well as her trying to mimic playing a violin with her weapon.

Whilst not as deadly as her brother in melee combat, she is still very skilled, capable of matching Starling during their brief duel.

While she is several times smarter than her brother, Snipe, she has proven to be just as incompetent, evident whenever she is put in command of something. She will abuse the new authority and change and improvise the current plan, thinking that her ideas are better, regardless of who they came from (even Master Cyclonis) and will never admit when she is wrong. It is also shown that when someone under her command has disobeyed her or outright refused her orders, she will either kill, imprison, or humiliate them or all at once. Although that last part may just stem from her sibling rivalry with her brother, Snipe.

Ravess is only loyal to Master Cyclonis through fear and has no shame in groveling at her feet if it means she will gain more power in some way, but while not in Cyclonis' presence, Ravess thinks of her as an arrogant child who does not know how to run an empire, while refusing to acknowledge that she is much worse at it than Master Cyclonis.

In the episode "Power Grab", she was left in charge of Cyclonia while Master Cyclonis went to Tropica to retrieve the doorway to the far side. After failing to run properly (Snipe, Repton and Lugey all held charge at one point) she was banished. She was last seen giving the Storm Hawks advice in "The Ultra Dudes" about the doorway when they went back to Tropica.




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In battle, Ravess uses her crystal-enhanced energy bow and crystal-tipped arrows to take down targets from great distances. The crystal-enhanced bow allows her to fire at speeds and distances normally considered impossible, while the arrows are strong enough to grind through Finn's equivalent versions without losing momentum.


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  1. As seen in Power Grab
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