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Storm Hawks

Radarr is one of the main characters in Storm Hawks and is Aerrow's copilot.


The exact species of Radarr remain unknown, although he resembles a cross between a lemur and a rabbit. Radarr was once described as a "sky monkey" by Snipe in "Talon Academy". The term "monkey" was also used by Aerrow in "Infinnity", but this could be part of a disguise adopted by the Storm Hawks crew while trying to steal a Cloning Crystal.


He has been Aerrow's companion since he was young, and although cannot speak, he can still make the other members of the team understand him through a complex variety of chirps, growls, and occasionally a form of Charades. He is very perceptive, picking up the intentions of those with bad thoughts much earlier than the other team members.

He also shares characteristics with the Blizzarians of Terra Blizzaris.

Radarr enjoys being called the "mission specialist" of the squadron. Radarr is usually seen sitting on Aerrow's shoulder or piloting Aerrow's Skimmer during missions, since Aerrow himself rarely stays in the vehicle's seat during combat. During those times Aerrow is actually piloting the vehicle, Radarr will often help by throwing wrenches and other objects at nearby enemies to disable them. Though Radarr is often dismayed or even terrified of Aerrow's more daring moves and stunts while flying, he is entirely devoted to his friend and partner. Inexplicably, the engine where Radarr's seat is installed has an invisible compartment, from which Radarr can pull all manner of objects; a running gag with this is a female chicken attracted to Radarr that first appears in "Gale Force Winds". Radarr is also a capable mechanic where the Skimmer is concerned, able to make basic repairs to it in-flight. This was shown during a mission in "Escape!", where he reassembled an old wrecked Skimmer to full functionality, though it eventually fell apart from wear and tear.

Radarr's dream was to fly the Condor, which he did once defeating the Sky Siren, and once again in "Second Chances". Radarr apparently won't fly the Condor without Stork's permission.[1]


  • Radarr's name is probably a reference to the word "radar". 


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