Storm Hawks
Storm Hawks

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"Power Grab" is the forty-fourth episode of Storm Hawks.


Master Cyclonis leaves on a secret mission to retrieve the doorway Stork found in the previous episode and puts Ravess in charge in her absence. Ravess abuses her power at Snipe's expense, so Snipe stages a mutiny with the help of the commander from "Radarr Love" and takes control of Cyclonia. More concerned with his own amusement than running Cyclonia, Snipe ignores the commander that helped him and carelessly orders the Talons to shoot down anyone that approaches, which happens to be Repton and the Raptors. Angered by Snipe's actions, Repton successfully overthrows Snipe, helped by the commander Snipe snubbed. Now in charge, Repton prepares the fleet for an attack. The rest of the Raptors decide to overthrow Repton because of how he treats them and end up driving their ship into Cyclonia. In his attempt to punish them, Repton accidentally locks himself and the Raptors in a cell with Snipe and Ravess. Leugey however, is left outside and takes charge, just as Master Cyclonis returns. Still needing their services, Cyclonis forgoes punishing the Raptors or Snipe, but has Ravess banished for her incompetence.






  • Power Grab is the only episode where the Storm Hawks make no appearance in.