Polaris Pointe
Terra Information
Aligned underFree Atmos
Defended byUnknown
ClimatePolar Highlands
Distinguishing featuresSonic Blaster

Polaris Pointe was a terra that lay in the middle of the only safe passage through the quadrant. It no longer stands in the Atmos.



Taller and skinnier in height, the area of Polaris Pointe was a tiny sliver of land in comparison to other inhabited terras. A small opening, referred to as the "heart" of the terra, was known to be its weak point. Anything struck in the hole would cause the terra to collapse.

Despite its weak spot, Polaris Pointe stood strong as the only safe passing point for cargo ships. Deadly storms were known to be on either side of the terra.


Polaris Pointe simply lay as barren rock, with no known squadron or permanent residents living there.


In "The Storm Hawks Seven", the Cyclonians were beginning to take over Polaris Pointe, using it to attack passing ships. The main leader of the invasion was Ravess, who ordered a blaster to be created that would be used for destruction.

Upon hearing the news, Starling informs the Storm Hawks. Together, they managed to destroy Polaris Pointe, preventing any more Cyclonians from launching ground attacks from the area.