Oracle Crystal
Crystal Information

The powerful Oracle Crystal can foretell the future. It was resting in the Forbidden City.

It seems that the Oracle Crystal was actually the vessel for a spiritual being that was trapped in the statue that held the crystal, though it is unclear which of the two ultimately foresaw the future.

The spirit was set free by Aerrow, her current fate is unknown.The current state of the actual crystal is unclear.


The Oracle Crystal is a deep purple and is embedded a gold casing. When it glows white, fragments of purple light ripple from it.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Forbidden City: The Storm Hawks venture into the dangerous Forbidden City to obtain the Oracle Crystal before the Cyclonians do. When Aerrow comes to the treasure chamber in the Forbidden City's temple, the spirit of the stone, otherwise known as the Oracle, is shown to know his name and shows him a possible future in which the Cyclonians won the war and Atmos seems to be a place similar to the Wastelands. Aerrow states that he won't let that happen and the Oracle tells him to free her to form a different path for the future. To accomplish this, Aerrow stabs the statue with his energy-blade. The statue crumbles and the Oracle thanks Aerrow for her freedom with the words "Thank you, Sky Knight." before floating away. The destruction of the statue also causes the City to come down. Upon leaving, however, Aerrow grabs the now useless Oracle Stone and gives it to Piper as a gift.
  • The Key Following a report of Cyclonian activity in the Forbidden City, last left in shambles, Aerrow and Piper discover Master Cyclonis and the Dark Ace summoning the Oracle back to find out the location of the Oracle Stone, which turns out to be the key to the Far Side door. Realizing they still have it in their possession, Aerrow and Piper jump in to help when Master Cyclonis threatens to destroy the Oracle. The Oracle escapes successfully, and during the battle Piper awakens her binding skills for the first time to counteract the use of Master Cyclonis'. By imbuing Aerrow with new powers, they defeat the Dark Ace. However, in the end, the Cyclonians escape with the Oracle Stone, which is then used to open the Far Side door.