Murk Raiders
Murk Raiders
Squadron Information
LeaderCaptain Scabulous
Terra/ShipTerra Deep, The Blood Crow
MembersCaptain Scabulous

The Murk Raiders are an infamous and murderous band of sky pirates who haunt the rocky, fog-filled reaches of Terra Deep. They eke out a living attacking and looting airships unlucky enough to run aground on the treacherous rock formations, and stalking any ships that manage to avoid them. The Murk Raiders answer to no one. The loot they steal is normally the crystals from the ships they capture and they will even steal crews and sell them for slavery which seems to be the main reason they are feared throughout the Atmos.

The Murk Raiders are lead by the infamous Captain Scabulous, patrolling the skies around Terra Deep for the unwitting ships that may stray there. The Raiders themselves use Energy Cutlasses fulled by purple Yarr Crystals. Amongst the crew is Eyeball, Captain Scabulous' first mate.

Unlike Cyclonians and the Raptors which choose one target and will keep pursuing that target until they win or they are forced away. Murk Raiders are oppurtunists who will change targets on a moments notice especially if another target is perceived to be more valuable.

(Para)Military ForcesEdit

The Murk Raiders own the sky ship "The Blood Crow", a highly modified craft that boasts a powerful sonic finder for hunting down other ships. The Blood Crow can run almost silently in it's "Stealth mode", simultaneously masking most of its own energy trail, while searching out prey with its sonic finder. Deep in the bowels of the ship are trapdoors for releasing highly explosive floating energy mines. These giant mines studded with explosive crystals are doom from above when discharged from the bowels of the Blood Crow. The large "teeth" at the front of the ship are used for holding trapped prey, when grappling hooks that can be fired from it's front have been attached to the prey.


Terra Deep home of the Murk Raider's

Oddly, but the "Blood Crow", despite being a flagship, isn't a biggest or most powerfull ship in Murk Raider's "navy". Under the leadership (or in alliance with) of the Captain Scabulous there were at least two truly humongous battleships, each dwarfing even the Cyclonian Destroyer. Those two ships had the same fundamental design as the "Blood Crow" (despite being at least twice as large) but lack the "teeth" and "jaws" at the front for the additional firepower.

Murk raiders also posses at least the small number of skimmers, but they use them only for reconnaissance and for attacks on objects that are not worth the engagement by the large ships, not for aerial battles.