Mr. Moss
Biographical Information
RideTalon Heliblade
Terra/ShipCyclonia, Terra Zartacla
PositionHead Prison Officer
WeaponEnergy Whip
StatusUnknown (most likely Deceased)

Mr. Moss is the Head Prison Officer of Terra Zartacla. He is first seen in the episode "Escape" when he chases Aerrow deep into the jungle only for Aerrow to slip away, make a dent in Moss's prize Heli-Blade, "Bessy" and leave his prison empty. Ever since, Mr. Moss has held a grudge against Aerrow. His second appearance was on the episode "The Last Stand" when he summoned a group of Fire-Scorpions to attack the Storm Hawks while the Condor was stranded and overheated in the Wasteland. Mr. Moss and Hamish are presumably eaten by Fire-Scorpions.

He makes a cameo in "A Colonel of Truth" when he and Hamish are webbed up by the Colonel when the Storm Hawks make the gangster break out the prisoners in Zartacla (most of whom the Colonel had put there).


His main weapon is the Energy Whip, which is long, dangerous and has a huge range. It can cause some pretty serious damage when a crystal powered blade comes out the tip of the whip. Despite the devastation it can cause (being capable of destroying entire sections of forest in one strike), it can be blocked by other energy weapons.