Merbs are a race of green or brown skinned, humanoid beings who inhabit Terra Merbia. Merbs may be just as paranoid as Stork for few have been seen outside of their Terra.

Physical appearanceEdit

Merbs are taller than humans with long necks, long pointed ears and varying hues of green or brown skin. They have only three fingers (and a thumb) on each of their two hands, and only three toes on their two feet. Their eyeballs have a white hue to them, and their pupils themselves are naught but small black dots. It is thought between a majority of fans that the Merb brain is as small as a human fist, judging from the size of their skulls. Merbs may have larger brains than that because Stork was complaining of feeling mind worms, while touching the lower part of his neck. Despite this, they seem to be an intelligent and resourceful race. They also have a stronger stomach than other races, shown by their love of Merb Cabbage which repulses even the Wallop Junko (who is able to eat food lethal to most humans). Merbs are able to see in full color. Stork is the only merb so far to have a dull yellow hue to his eyes, he also has a darker skin color.


Merbs do not show a particular racial culture. Once a year, all Merbs are required to complete some form of community service, which could be potentially anything. Piercings may be part of the Merb culture, despite the fact that they could pose a "health hazard" to the extremely paranoid race.

Notable MerbsEdit

  • Stork
  • There is a Merb in the Pirate group of Murk Raiders. He is however, thus far unnamed.
  • Griffin, Owlsley, and Pydge, a group of Sky Scouts from episode 36.