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  • Hi guys! Me Andro 01. Since our Admin is temporarily on leaved (until about July), I'll be deputy, since she allowed. (If you wont belive me, read my talk page). No worry! You all welcomed to help us out in the increasing and enlarging this wiki. We need your help in our stub pages. And if anyone has SH DVD's, maybe you can reupload images in better quality. Keep up!

Did You Know...?

  • All the main characters exept Stork is around 14 years old
  • That Helix crystal is the most powerful crystal ever existed
  • Stork is the most popular character from the show
  • Starling's Red Streak is the fastest vehicle in the known Atmos

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Stork is the carrier pilot of the Storm Hawks, and as such does not actively fly with the rest of the squadron, nor does he wish to for that matter. He states in the pilot that his tenure with the Storm Hawks will only last "until something better comes along.". Stork is a [approx.] 19 year old Merb, a species of green-skinned humanoids that inhabit Terra Merb, an environment where natural disasters are constantly occurring, possibly accounting for Stork's personality. (Read more...)

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Lightning Strike, Aerrow's ancestor, performs his signature move in the new Storm Hawks comic!

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We have Finn... - Finn

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