Firebolt Crystal
Crystal Information
Purpose Weaponry

Firebolt Crystals are heavily used by the Cyclonians in their staffs, and have been used for a bunch of things ranging from firing powerful bolts to shining like a light. Firebolt Crystals are favored by the Dark Ace, and he uses a high grade Firebolt Crystal in his Energy Blade.


Firebolt ctystal in use.


Firebolt Crystals are a deep red color, resembling a ruby shade. The crystal is tapered and thin at one end, and thickens further down the crystal and then tapering again, a little like an egg with two sharpened ends. When activated, the crystal pulses between a dark red and a bright white coloration, with only a hint of it's former red color.

Featured EpisodesEdit

The Firebolt Crystal is used in many episodes throughout both seasons, primarily as the crystal used to power the weapons of Cyclonians Talons or the Dark Ace. NOTE: As the crystal is featured in most episodes, the following is a list of when the Firebolt is not seen.