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Finn is a main character in Storm Hawks. He is the wingman and primary sharpshooter of the Storm Hawks squadron.


Finn is the 14-year-old wing-man and sharpshooter of the Storm Hawks. He is an egotistical and hyperactive flyer who nevertheless is invaluable when it comes to anything that requires precision aiming. Despite Finn's faults, he often proves himself a capable warrior when the situation calls for it. In other respects, however, Finn is far less than competent, namely where piloting, women, and hand-to-hand combat are concerned. In "Origins," Finn, Aerrow, Radarr and Piper are revealed to be orphans, and lived in Terra Neverlandis, which they had protected and built a shelter on.

Finn, with Aerrow, Radarr and Piper, resisted the Cyclonian Youth Brigade led by Grimsley. They fended them off for a while, but were defeated when Junko and two other members of the Youth Brigade snuck in through the back of their shelter and captured them. Grimsley, who was in contact with Snipe, revealed that Snipe was coming to make them into Cyclonian Talons and take them to Terra Cyclonia if they get rid of Finn, Aerrow, and Piper. Junko calls to do so, and takes the three away and throws them into the Wastelands before they can even react to the unfolding events. As Junko releases them, he reveals that he had wanted to be a good guy.

They later go off to find the legendary Condor, where they encounter Stork. Onboard the Condor, they discover weaponry used by the original Storm Hawks. Finn chooses an Energy Crossbow.


He a spiky blond hair and blue eyes


As the "funny man" of the squad, Finn is always there to make a joke, often at the expense of others. He is not always taken seriously, and is easily sidetracked by beautiful girls. Despite this, he is incredibly loyal to his fellow teammates and will always be there for them.

Though Finn is amongst the best shots in the team, he is impulsive, reckless and is almost the first one to get into trouble, often dragging his friends, namely Junko, along with him. This is usually seen when he gets shot down by Cyclonians, something Finn himself commented on, landing on someone else's skyride and getting beaten soundly by his foes. Despite this, he thinks very highly of himself, evidently borderline egotistical. His said ego is large enough that he refuses to accept that he lacks talent in most things, despite public and professional opinion stating otherwise.

Finn has shown to be rather lazy in regards to doing his share of the chores around the Condor, often dumping them on his friends or ignoring them altogether, which often aggravates his teammates to no end. It often takes a direct order from Aerrow or Piper to get him to do his chores.

When Finn is actually given command as acting team leader in "Absolute Power," his ego rises to insufferable levels, as he lacked an understanding and appreciation of his team members' roles and believed that as acting leader, he could essentially do as he pleased. When his egomania resulted in banishing everyone to their quarters and left him to handle all the vital work on the Condor, Finn began to panic and beg the others to help. After finally realizing that acting team leader is not what he thought it was, such as handling the responsibilities and the workload, he hastily quit and returned that role to Piper, who commented that while Finn makes a horrible leader, he is a capable teammate. Despite often arguing and clashing with Piper, more akin to simple sibling bickering, Finn does respect and care about her and will follow her orders when she is in charge.

Finn's catchphrase is "chika-cha," accompanied by him pointing both fingers like pistols, which he does whenever he sees a girl he likes, accomplishes something, or, in most cases, believes he's accomplished something.

Finn's interests include rock music, air guitar, annoying Piper, and flirting with girls.

Finn has a bad habit of lying when something bad has happened as a result of his mistakes, making unwise bets and openly speaking his mind, which ends up insulting others.




For flight, Finn uses a standard Air Skimmer III. Unlike the Ultra, Finn's standard skimmer sacrifices armor for speed and maneuverability. Finn has a retractable crossbow built into the bow of the vehicle, which operates in basically the same manner as his portable one. In addition to its speed, Finn's skimmer has a pair of Nimbus 7 engines, which are designed to make as little noise as possible when holding off on the throttle.


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Finn uses an energy crossbow to attack from long range. The weapon has been modified extensively, including telescopic sight and auto-reloading. The tip has a vaguely Wallop-shaped design on it, which Junko added. Finn's ammunition consists of crystal-tipped arrows.

In "The Ultra Dudes," he managed to perform the "Finnito," a move he says no one has ever done, to defeat Captain Scabulous in a draw, but this is the only time he has been seen to have performed the move.


  • Finn's name is either from the Irish name meaning "white" or "fair-haired" or from the Scandinavian name Sámi or Finn meaning "someone from Finland."
  • As a running gag, Finn's vehicle is almost always cut in half during combat. Furthermore, rather than use his parachute, Finn will proceed to land with an "Ow," crotch-first on one of his friends' rides, along with a high pitched greeting to said friend.
  • In the episode "Origins," there seems to be a female member of the Storm Hawks which highly resembles Finn, but is a Crystal Mage, not a Sharp Shooter. It is contemplated that perhaps this was his mother, but the fact remains a mystery.
  • In the episode "Origins," there is also another male blonde and blue-eyed character from a different squadron fighting alongside the old Storm Hawks who bears close resemblance to Finn.


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