Biographical Information
RideAir Skimmer III Ultra
SquadronRebel Ducks (Informally)
Terra/ShipTerra Gale
PositionCommander, Political Leader
WeaponEnergy Staff

Dove is the granddaughter of Wren, an eccentric old man who appears to lead the Terra Gale squadron, the Rebel Ducks (at least as a figurehead). Terra Gale was conquered long ago by Cyclonia, and its people enslaved. Settling instead for household objects like cooking pots instead of armor, Dove speaks with a distinct French Canadian accent, as do the rest of the inhabitants of Terra Gale.

When we first meet Dove, she is kidnapped by the Dark Ace while defending Terra Gale. She is later rescued from Cyclonian prison by the Storm Hawks. This may be why she is the only one who believed that the Storm Hawks were innocent in the episode "Atmos, Most Wanted".

Dove is goodhearted and will put her Terra before herself, when the Storm Hawks first find her in the prison, her thoughts are not of escaping, but freeing the Sky Knights of Gale. She appaers to be an honorary member/commander of the Rebel Ducks, as opposed to an actual squadmate or Sky Knight, and often assists them in important and political tasks.

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