The Colonel
Biographical Information
Terra/ShipThe Colonel's Compound
WeaponSeeker Missiles and Web Shooters

The Colonel is a large, four-legged, spider-like gangster, infamous throughout the Atmos. He lives in a big mansion located on an isolated terra where he maintains a large collection of both valuable objects and exotic food. He is served by four bulky-looking human bodyguards. The Colonel appears very suave, yet is so intimidating that the Storm Hawks and the Raptors alike are afraid of him. To keep himself strong, the Colonel eats dishes that would usually kill most people, although he is matched, and eventually bested, by Junko in an eating contest. A favorite of his for dessert is frozen yogurt found in an icebar on the other side of the Atmos. Due to his Spanish accent, he pronounces it as "rozen yoga".

The Colonel makes his second appearance when he buys and remodels the Condor. The Storm Hawks then challenge the Colonel to a race, in the hopes that they will win back the Condor. The Colonel beats them easily, and claims the Storm Hawks' replacement ship as his prize. The Storm Hawks resort to hiding aboard the Condor but get caught, narrowly avoiding punishment by claiming they want to see his "historic" flight to break the air speed barrier. However, at such high speeds, the Condor begins to fall apart, forcing the Colonel to give it back to the Storm Hawks. In this episode, Stork is the only one brave enough to stand up to the Colonel, if only because the Condor is in danger.

The Colonel reappears when his beloved pet Mr. Fluffykins goes missing (in truth, he ran away to be with his own kind). In a twist of events and lies, the Colonel is led to believe that the Storm Hawks "rescued" Fluffykins and is in their debt by some gangster law. In the end, despite knowing the Storm Hawks fooled him and helped him rescue Fluffykins for real, he releases Fluffykins, seeing him much happier being free.

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  • Voiced by Mark Oliver