Blizzard Crystal
Crystal Information

The Blizzard Crystal can create large amounts of ice and snow, as well as manipulate it. It is a rare and powerful crystal, and heavily depended upon by the Blizzarian race.

MISC suzilu ep10 07

Suzy Lu using a Blizzard Crystal


A Blizzard crystal takes on a purple color, with a heart of deeper blue. It is flat on most sides, and vaguely rectangular shaped. The crystal also glows with a bright light blue light, throbbing at a steady pace in different strengths.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Fire and Ice, is set on the icy Terra Blizzaris. Suzy Lu, Sky Knight of the Absolute Zeros, demonstrates the power of the Blizzard crystal by freezing the terra, but darker consequences occur as the Raptors travel to the terra and awaken an ancient volcano that threatens the inhabitants of the terra. The Blizzard crystal is destroyed when Suzy Lu intentionally throws it into the volcano to save the terra's inhabitants.