Storm Hawks
Storm Hawks

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"Best Friends Forever" is the sixth episode of Storm Hawks.


During a storm, Piper went out on an scouting mission but her Heliscooter was wrecked but she is saved by another crystal expert like herself named Lark, and the two become fast friends. However, during a recon mission to a Cyclonians Crystal mine discovers her new friend is Master Cyclonis in disguise, having infiltrated the Storm Hawks in the hopes of turning Piper to her side. Unable to do so, Master Cyclonis uses the mined crystals to turn an entire Talon squadron invisible. Using some unorthodox tactics, the Storm Hawks defeat their invisible assailants, while Piper defeats Master Cyclonis.






Aerrow: Where's Piper?... (Sees Piper and Lark begin laughing) What's wrong with her?
Stork: Oh I've seen it before; Hazzarian Laughing Fever. Goes on like this until their heads explode!

Finn: Well, I was wondering, seeing as you're a girl and all, do you want to braid each other's hair or something?
(Piper laughs)
Finn: What?
Piper: Thanks, Finn. I really needed that.
Finn: I will never understand girls.


  • In the beginning of the episode, the Condor was caught in a storm and several objects were seen flying around. This is a reference to the events of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy sees many objects flying about a cyclone before being swept away.