Far Side

Atmos is the land in which the "Storm Hawks" is set. Atmos is made up of habitable "Terras" that are large stilted areas that rise into the sky of various sizes, and below that, "The Wastelands", a vast inhabitable place of lava, treacherous rock formations and dangerous creatures.

The capital of free Atmos is Terra Atmosia, the base of the influential Sky Knight Council. Much of Atmos is ruled over by Cyclonia, an evil empire led by the ruthless Master Cyclonis.

Another part of Atmos is the Great Expanse; a vast, uncharted land. Due to a mysterious energy that fills the area, navigational instruments in the Great Expanse are rendered useless. It's size is unknown.

There is also an unknown part of Atmos known only as the "Far Side". Not much known about it, except for what may be a single city built in a mountainous terrain that features a tall tower that illuminates the area in green light. Master Cyclonis fled to here after Cyclonia was defeated in part two of Cyclonia Rising.

Large shark-like creatures of Far Side once fled to Atmosian waters (Dark Waters) but they were driven back into endless caverns and the entrance was sealed by the Storm Hawks. Hovever one was able to escape and damaged the "Condor". This caused it to flood and sink. Strange creatures can also be seen flying about. From a distance, they appear to be dragons.

The only people known to be in Far Side are I.J. Domiwik, the Storm Hawks and Master Cyclonis.