Airships are the main means of travel around Atmos, especially from Terra to Terra. There are many kinds of airships, such as the cargo airships that carry rare resources, barges for transporting garbage, carriers utilized by the various Sky Knight Squadrons, and ones used for commercial fishing (for things like cloud krill). Carriers are perhaps the most seen, namely the Condor, which carries the Storm Hawks' Skimmers and Heliscooter. While Cyclonia's appear to be self-manufactured, as seen in Episode 26, Dude Where's My Condor, they can also be bought at cruiser dealerships, an example being the SL 550, a seemingly powerful, sleek, and flashy cruiser.

Airships can be outfitted with a wide array of weapons to defend itself or provide support to deployed Sky Knights/Talons and are used in almost every episode of Storm Hawks. Many of the villians possess Airships as well, such as the Murk Raiders' Blood Crow, and Snipe's unnamed battle cruiser (which was so overloaded with weapons it could barely fly, and ended up crashing into the Wastelands when he refused to reroute power to the engines). Many other Sky Knights and Squadrons have Airships, such as the Neck Deeps' Skyquod. Airships are one of the most used vehicles in Storm Hawks next to Skimmers and Heliscooters. Airships can fly high up into the stratosphere, as well as low into the Wastelands, making it a very versatile means of transportation. However, the dense clouds of Terra Deep can crush an airship's hull if they go too deep into the cloud banks.

Airships each have a Time Pulse Code, which is a unique, 46-digit code only written on a ships' ownership card, and is supposedly used in a similar manner as an automobile's VIN number as a means of identification. The Condor's, according to Stork, is "198-376-572-894-782-746-738-928-375-847-367-436-573-875-6438."