The Air Skimmer III is a powerful Skimmer with many variations and is very customizable.


A classic combustion powered cycle equipped with crystal energy triggered folding bi-wings (much better than the Air Skimmer II and Classic, which had to be manually transformed from bike to flight mode). Powered by two crystal jet engines in flight mode. Unbelievably maneuverable and quick (if it’s not equipped with too much amour or weapons).

When running properly, the Nimbus 7 series jet engines are renowned for their lack of noise when holding off on the throttle. This makes for a very stealthy entry into enemy airspace or terrain. The soft and light Thrombus tin used to frame the wings makes for a lighter, faster machine, but it’s not the best at withstanding energy hits in combat.


See: Finn's Air Skimmer III

A number of variants of the Air Skimmer III exist.

Air Skimmer III UltraEdit

See: Aerrow's Air Skimmer III Ultra

Same design as the regular III model with significant upgrades. It’s equipped with a secondary cock-pit and a special crystal fuel afterburner that gives the Ultra a short, powerful burst of incredible speed when deployed (as long as it doesn’t explode, which happens in about one out of 17.5 deployments, causing significant problems for the pilots).

Air Skimmer III ELEdit

See: Junko's Air Skimmer III EL

A heavier version of the classic III combustion powered cycle, also equipped with crystal energy triggered folding bi-wings. Powered by two crystal jet engines in flight mode.