Storm Hawks
Storm Hawks

"Age of Heroes (Part 1)" is the first episode of Storm Hawks.


The Storm Hawks head to Terra Atmosia to register as an official Sky Knight squadron, racing each other to the terra. They nearly complete the registration process, but as they're about to sign the bureaucrat in charge realizes they don't meet the age requirement. Dismayed, they head outside just as the Red Eagles, the current squadron in charge of protecting the terra, show up. Aerrow and the rest of his team go to meet them and introduce themselves, but Carver, leader of the Red Eagles, rudely brushes him aside and heads toward the Beacon Tower at the center of town.

Carver's squadron finds out too late that their leader's loyalties lie with Cyclonia. Caught by surprise, they're easily incapacitated by Carver, who is then free to steal the Aurora Stone from the Beacon Tower. With the beacon gone dark, the Storm Hawks realize that something has gone wrong and go to investigate. They come across the Red Knights and their skimmers and cautiously go past them to the tower's interior. At the top, they find the Aurora Stone in the hands of the traitorous Sky Knight, Carver. After he admits to betraying Atmosia and joining with the Cyclonians, a battle between him and Aerrow ensues. Aerrow manages to defeat his opponent using his new-found signature move, the Lightning Claw, and returns the Aurora Stone to its rightful place.

On Terra Cyclonia, Master Cyclonis hears about Carver's failure and sends the Dark Ace along with Ravess and Snipe to finish the mission. The Cyclonians arrive at the terra, forcing the Storm Hawks to defend the terra themselves instead of going for help like the council asked. Aerrow faces off against the Dark Ace while Finn has a shootout with Ravess and Junko goes head to head with Snipe. Piper and Stork fly the Condor, exchanging fire with a Cyclonian Destroyer. In the end, the Storm Hawks are unable to fend off the fleet of Cyclonian Talons. Aerrow is defeated but spared by the Dark Ace, who steals the Aurora Stone and takes it back to Cyclonia. The Storm Hawks resolve to head to Terra Cyclonia to retrieve it.






Master Cyclonis: The future of the Atmos belongs to Cyclonia. It belongs to me.

Aerrow: It's your job to protect Atmos! You made an oath!
Carver: Oh, that's right. You fancy yourself a Sky Knight. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're just a bunch of kids.

Aerrow: So, nobody believes in us. Well, now's the time to prove them wrong. But this isn't like when we play 'Stop the Sky Knight' or 'Last One Lands Does the Dishes,' this is the real deal. So whatever you do, try not... to... mess up.
Finn: Dude, worst motivational speech ever.

Dark Ace: Since you're new at this, allow me to explain the ground rules: There are none. If you live, you win. And just so you know, I never lose.

Stork: Piper, if we don't run now, we're gonna lose the Condor!
Piper: Stork! What about the others?
Stork: Um... they should run too.



  • It is the first episode where the following characters appear: Aerrow, Finn, Piper, Junko, Stork, Radarr, Master Cyclonis, Dark Ace, Ravess, Snipe, Repton, Leugey, Spitz, Hoerk, Starling and Carver.
  • It is the first episode where Finn's skimmer is sliced through.