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Aerrow is the main protagonist in Storm Hawks. As a qualified Sky Knight, Aerrow is the current leader of the reformed Storm Hawks, and is sworn to defend Atmos from the evil forces of Cyclonia.


Aerrow was born in Atmos as the last descendant of the legendary Lightning Strike. The fate or whereabouts of his parents are unknown, although it is speculated that they perished ten years ago during the Sky Knights war against Master Cyclonis, which resulted in the annihilation of the Storm Hawks after the betrayal of Dark Ace.[1]

As an orphan, Aerrow grew up on Terra Neverlandis alongside his closest friends Piper and Finn as well as an animal which he named Radarr whom became his trusted companion. Together they became greatly inspired by the heroic tales of the Sky Knights and often played pretend Sky Knights. In their early teens, they defended their personal fortress against a Cyclonian Youth Brigade which included Junko and was overseen by Talon commander Snipe.[1]

After fleeing from the Cyclonian Youth Brigade, Aerrow was contacted by three guardians who informed him of his Storm Hawks heritage and his destiny to save Atmos they presented him with an ancient scroll which contained a map as well as the key to the original Storm Hawks ship, the Condor. After being captured by the Cyclonians, Junko helped them in escaping and thus they journeyed to the Wastelands where they soon located the Condor upon where they met Stork. After liberating their home, Aerrow and the others decided to reform the Storm Hawks, leaving their terra behind to protect all of Atmos.[1]


Aerrow a tousled mop of bright red hair and emerald green eyes.


Aerrow is a natural-born leader - bold, energetic, and daring. A talented flier and unafraid to take risks, he is able to outmaneuver Cyclonian Talons easily on his skimmer. Beside his piloting prowess, Aerrow is also well-versed in fighting, capable of matching the Dark Ace in combat. He is well-respected by his squadron, who he considers family.

Aerrow can sometimes lose track of his rational side, and is easily angered by injustice. He and Dark Ace seem to have personal vendettas against each other, since it is assumed that the Dark Ace killed his father, the Sky Knight of the original Storm Hawks. Aerrow is also the only Sky Knight who has beaten or survived the Dark Ace in a Sky Duel.




Aerrow's ride is the Air Skimmer III Ultra, significantly upgraded from the standard model. It’s equipped with a secondary cock-pit for Radarr, his co-pilot, and a special crystal fuel afterburner that gives the Ultra a short, powerful burst of incredible speed when deployed, as long as it doesn’t explode, which happens in about one out of 17.5 deployments, causing significant problems for the pilots.

Aerrow's model is equipped with a special lightweight frame, which helps to cancel out the extra weight from the heavier armor paneling, such as removable shields. Very little weaponry is attached, as he prefers aerial hand-to-hand combat.


Aerrow utilizes Twin Energy Blades powered by rare blue striker crystals. The hilts have a special attachment that joins the two blades in the middle to become a dual-ended sword, an advantage when the wielder is caught in a tight space or fighting multiple opponents. Having two blades is critical for Aerrow to build up enough momentum to perform his signature Lightning Claw maneuver. These blades were utilised by at least two members of the Original Storm Hawks.


  • Aerrow is a portmanteau of both the Greek name Aero meaning "of the sky" and the Anglo-Saxon name Row meaning "red-haired."
  • Aerrow is voiced by Samuel Vincent.
  • At the age of 14, Aerrow is currently the youngest leader of the Storm Hawks.
  • Aerrow is the only Sky Knight to have faced against Dark Ace in battle and survived.[2]
  • Aerrow is commonly referred to as the last descendant of the original Storm Hawks, indicating that his ancestry originated from either his parents or grandparents; although the three guardians state that Aerrow is a direct descendant of Lighting Strike himself. However as the annihilation of the Storm Hawks occurred ten years ago, and Lighting Strike only appeared to be in his 30’s, making Aerrow only 4 at the time, it would appear to contradict this theory and lead us to speculate that Lighting Strike was possibly Aerrow’s father. This has never been denied nor confirmed and thus his ancestry and parental line is ultimately left ambiguous.[1]
  • Aerrow appears to enjoy cleaning.[3]
  • Upon being induced by a Sky Siren, it is revealed that Aerrow's greatest desire is to defeat Dark Ace.[4]
  • Aerrow is an untalented photographer.[5]
  • In "Second Chances", it is revealed that Aerrow writes with his left hand. But in "The Key", he writes with his right hand, which makes him ambidextrous.
  • Aerrow has pictures of Piper, Junko and Dove in his room in "Siren's Song".


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